In Salon Education

In-salon Hairdressing Education is the best way to continue your education and master your style.

Recognized for his passion and ability to inspire, James LeBosquet is one of the most dynamic and skilled hairdressers of his generation. James discovered he loves to teach others how to master their own unique style.

James’ teaching style is interactive and tailored to the needs and abilities of each hairdresser.

Reach new levels of creativity, confidence and skill that help you master advanced techniques. Unlock the full potential of your hairdressing talents. Study with James and propel your career forward.

It’s now possible to get a world-class education, tailored to your needs, at a price you can afford.

Traveling the world to get professional training is simply too expensive for most hairdressers. The hairdressing education workshops are designed personally by James to give hairdressers a practical way get the professional training they need.

In Salon Image - James Cutting

Training formats are easily adapted for all skill levels. Modules for the in-salon hairdressing education workshop include:

  • Orientation & Survey Review
  • Client Management Strategies
  • Cutting Demos
  • Team Building Lunch
  • Creative Cutting Workshop (hands-on)
  • Group Critique
  • Goal Setting & Career Planning

Explore Training Opportunities

We offer different formats for different skill levels. Read more to select a course that fits your plan: